Funny Birthday Thank you sayings

funny birthday thank you sayings

Find out here Funny Short birthday thank you sayings and messages-

Sometimes people do not really know how to thank those who made them happy in life; they often do not know how to appreciate them for the important roles they played in their lives especially at birthdays. There are several forms of birthday wishes yet they are geared towards the same essence—to express love, a love so special its’ rooted in the heart. Some birthday wishes are sometimes funny, but they are just as funny as you make them since what could make one laugh may not make another laugh. Imagine the popular quote that birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake? There are different birthday wishes from different fields of life. To put smile on your friend’s faces and make your friend’s birthday a memorable one, you can get funny birthday ideas from the list below.

  • Birthday cards are beautiful with their soothing messages; forget a card and simply sign your name on one side of the $4 you mean to spend for my card.
  • Birthday cake is the one meal that folks and friend rush for a piece even after it’s blown and spitted upon.
  • Thank God it’s your birthday; but a million other people are celebrating today. This means you have no personalised horoscope.
  • A great test of true friendship on your birthday is to disable your Facebook page few days before your birthday to see who calls. CAUTION: This may cause you worry, depression and anxiety. Use at your discretion.
  • My self-esteem increases with my inner strength because of challenges. Thank you all who attempted to pull me down, you made me what I am.
  • Thank God is your birthday. Soon you will grow old and begin to walk round puddle instead of through it.
  • The best way to keep the birthdays of your loved ones is to forget them.
  • Happy birthday! You know age is in the mind. Just ensure that you keep it from creeping down your body.
  • Remember that as you grow older, you will lose your mind; but you won’t miss it so much.
  • Thank God you are thirty today; time and tides wait for no one, but time stands still on your birthday.
  • Imagine, candles now cost more than cake on your birthday. You must be happy you are growing old fast enough?
  • You must be a diplomat to remember my birthday but not age.
  • Happy birthday good friend; it’s amazing that soon you begin to forget your name, faces, then to pull your zipper up and finally you forget to pull it down.
  • Congrats for your birthday, the younger person inside you would be wondering why you may be sad because you are growing old. Common, it’s good to attain a ripe age.
  • Just like some women of my age, I am only 19 years old.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, though I know the only thing you want is never to be reminded of it.
  • It’s great to look fifty when you are sixty; ensure it doesn’t get you down; you are still a winner in your race to the grave.
  • Thank God it’s your birthday and you are still aboard the plane of life, flying through the storm. Sail on because there is nothing you can do about.
  • Congratulations on your birthday; old age is not bad especially when you consider the alternative.