How to write thank you note

A thank you note is the most perfect and easiest way to communicate your gratitude and appreciation to your friends and family members or even to your colleagues.  Most of us already expertise in the art of writing thank you notes but what we often forget to do while writing our note is putting a little bit of our heart into writing it. Here are some easy ways to put your heart into writing your thank you note.

Do not delay

Do not keep putting off sending a thank you note. If the thank you note is for something official like for a job interview then it must be sent immediately. Personal thank you notes also should not be delayed for too long, the more you delay the more you will tend to forget to send the note and moreover someone at some point of time will definitely feel unappreciated.

Send it through snail mail

With the coming in of emails a lot of people have forgotten about the traditional way to send cards and letters. This is the best way to convey your deepest gratitude. You can be sire that the recipient will feel very special to receive your note through mail rather than the usual emails.

Make it handwritten

When you think of writing a thank you note the first thing you reach out to is the keyboard to type it out or you rush to get a pre printed card. Try something different, try using your pen. Nothing can beat the emotion attached with a neatly handwritten card.

Make it short

You don’t need to write pages in a thank you note, you can make it short, sweet but yet pleasant. The basic things you have to mention in the salutations, a sentence stating the reason of the note, a sentence thanking for the gift or the favor received and one sentence of appreciation for the recipient.

Use the word YOU

To really convey the message with a true sense of gratitude. give the recipient a little more important by using the work “YOU” more often than word “I” in the note. The words you and yours definitely mean more than the words I and mine.

A thank you note written with all your heart can never go wrong.