Thank You Boss

A Boss is seen both as a gift—a mentor and a grump—a rude, a tough and a dominating leader. Few understand that bosses must ensure attainment of performance targets; perhaps this is why they show annoying attitude believed to be essential to push employees to achieve targets? A Boss is a gift. And there are varying ways to say thank you to your boss especially for mentoring, motivation, guidance and inspiration. You can send a thank you letter, leave a note of appreciation and you can go funny with a personal thank you message. It’s worthwhile to show appreciation for several reasons and here are some wonderful thank you boss messages for your help.


  • Your encomium on my recent performance has motivated me to add more passion and flesh to my professionalism. Thank you boss for your compliments.
  • I have found a good mentor in my career who guides me towards acquisition of great communication skills, sound work ethics, decision-making skills and essentially how to be human. Thank you boss.
  • Thank you boss; you are indeed a true leader and mentor for you have turned our weaknesses into strengths, oversight into lessons and pressure into productivity.
  • I have seen a man who leads his employees to follow and appreciate his vision without exhibiting rude and domineering attitude. Thank you boss for you are simply an embodiment of inspiration.
  • It has been most rewarding to have you as the pilot of our team towards attainment of our monthly targets and performance appraisals. You have been a careful and a stimulating boss. Thank You.
  • I am blessed to have an all-in-one boss—a mentor, a leader, a teacher; in all, a friend who understands how best to lead his employees. Thank you boss
  • No amount of thank you can be enough to express my joy for identifying and recognising my skills and offering me opportunity to demonstrate my capability in my career. Thank you boss.
  • The sustenance of life hinges on sufficient air and fertile environment for survival; thank you boss for being a solid support for the company.
  • Nothing can be enriching and peacefully assuring than having a boss who puts interests of his employees before his. Thank you boss.
  • You make me feel like a human any time you seek my opinion on issues; Thank you boss for being a wonderful mentor.
  • What has sustained me in my job is not my fat salary, but the satisfaction of working with a boss who humanly leads me towards attainment of our company’s expectations. Thank you boss.
  • Without assurance of any reward, you invest in my talents to make an outstanding employee. Thank you boss.
  • Boss there is always a charged stillness in your absence; your presence is life in every aspect of the company; it imbues us with absolute comfort and enhanced productivity. Thank you.
  • Everybody pours encomium on how you friendly counsel employees who face challenges in their lives and let all drink from your fountain of wisdom. Thank you boss for having a human sympathy to everything you do.
  • In places I have been, I see appraisals as anxiety and fear; under your mentorship as my boss, appraisals has become equal to inspiration and encouragement. Thank you boss.
  • It’s rarely a common place to see a boss who is a mentor, a manager and a leader; you are all perfected in one. Thank you boss.
  • Thank you boss for pressurising me and for being tough when work needs to get done; Thank you importantly for putting a human touch to every aspect of your leadership.
  • I have come to relish your manner of mentorship and leadership because you are simply extraordinary. Thank you for guiding me towards my career success.
  • Thank you boss, you are full of human empathy; and for being a career friend. Thank you.
  • You take tough decisions towards attainment of the company’s goal, yet your pressure is motivation. You care for your team without tampering with the company’s standard. You are one in a million. Thank you boss.

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