Thank You Card Wording

Find out thank you card wording to write on thank you card,

  • It has really been a matter of contentment to receive your wishes; your wishes have no wonder added lot of cheers and life in to my happiness. I heartedly appreciate your wishes and gratefulness for me.
  • Thank you so much my dear for the gratefulness and nice wishes from you, that’s what I was expecting from a friend like you, tell you what that has filled my heart with immense pleasure and joy.
  • Thank you so much my dear for spreading smiles and adding colors in to my occasion that is no doubt the hallmark of a sincere person like you. Your wishes have filled the gap created due to your absence from the occasion.
  • Thank you dear for your wishes and the gift you have sent to me, it will keep reminding me a memory of my beloved friend. Although you have sent this gift but tell you what I will really miss you in the party.
  • It is always fascinating for me to see your wishes on this special occasion of the year and you have never really left me alone, you have always make my occasion cheerful by either making your presence through participating or by sending so nice wishes.
  • So nice of you my dear, you have filled pleasure in its very best form in to my celebrations, although  I will miss such a nice friend of mine on this event but your words will do keep providing me a feel of your presence.
  • What a wonderful feel it gives to have a look at the words of beloved people, your true and compassionate words make me feel of having sincere people around me, tell you what your words have filled me with pride and pleasure.
  • How nicely you have woven such nice thoughts and feels in to words, it has really amazed me and filled me with ecstasy. Thank you so much my dear for producing such a nice collection for me.
  • Thank you dear for so nice gifts and wishes you have sent to me, it has really made my occasion more enjoyed and celebrated. Words fell short to express my gratitude for you and your so nice words.]
  • It is always a matter of pleasure for me to see words from my loved ones, tell you what your words make me feel of celebrations and this happens always because of some sort of participations of you people.
  • I was looking at the gifts after the event and these gifts make me feel that how many nice people I am having around. Thank you so much my dear for sending me so nice gift; it has really made my event even more special.
  • I was waiting for you to be a part of my event but you could not joined instead I received nice lines of well wishes from you, your words were so touching that the sweetness of your feelings for me was very obvious in those lines. Thank you so much dear for sending so fine emotions.
  • It always gives a great feel to see you people around and when you are not around these are always your words which make me feel that you are around thank you so much my dear you have once again rendered me feel of bliss by sending so nice wishes.
  • Thank you dear for your heartiest wishes; your wishes have colored my event with a great feel of having so nice bunch of people in my company. Thank you once again for providing so nice gratefulness.
  • Thank you so much my dear for sending so nice souvenir and wishes, your wishes have no doubt shows the depth in your belongings. I will keep your gift safe to keep memories fresh, it will always remain in my special items for the rest of my life.